The name of this club is WEST LAKE SOCCER CLUB.


The purpose of this Club is to develop, administer and promote soccer for the children of the West Laguna area (as described in Article III - Boundaries). To provide an atmosphere of friendly competition in which sportsmanship, learning and playing soccer are held foremost. All activities that detract from the atmosphere of friendly competition should be strongly discouraged.


Boundaries for the West Lake Soccer Club encompass all areas/parks West of Franklin Boulevard, South of Laguna Boulevard. In addition, the Walnut Grove/Delta area is affiliated with the West Lake Club.


This Club is affiliated with the Elk Grove Youth Soccer League (EGYSL), and complies with the authority of the California Youth Soccer Association (CYSA); the United States Youth Soccer Association (USYSA); the United States Soccer Federation (USSF); and the Federation International De Football Association (FIFA).


Section 1

Application for membership must be on forms furnished by EGYSL and must be submitted during annual registration.

Section 2

Selection of teams will be made in compliance with EGYSL BY-LAWS.

Section 3

Protest and appeal procedures will be in compliance with EGYSL BY-LAWS.

Section 4

The governing Board shall be the BOARD OF DIRECTORS. The BOARD OF DIRECTORS shall consist of the Officers of the Club and Chairpersons of each Committee.


Section 1

The Officers shall consist of the President, Secretary, Treasurer and Registrar. These Officers shall be elected.

Section 2

Two (2) of the four (4) officers will stand for election each year. The President, Secretary will be elected in the odd numbered years. The Treasurer and Registrar will be elected in the even numbered years.

Section 2.5

Upon seating or the first meeting of the newly elected Board, the officers are to appoint a yearly position for, Referee Coordinator, Coaching Coordinator, Field Manager, Equipment Manager, Event Coordinator and Webmaster.

Section 3

Nominations for Officers shall be made anytime during season and no later than 1 week prior to the Annual General Meeting. AGM will be held prior to end of season, if possible. Nominations for officers must be seconded.

Section 4

Elections shall be held by voice at the General Meeting. If there is but one candidate for any office, the election can be dispensed of. In either case the candidate with more than fifty-one percent of the votes will be declared the winner.

Section 5

Officers shall serve for a term of two years then run to be re-elected. Officers will vacate seat from Board of Directors if they do not attend 3 straight meetings, and/or miss 4 meetings within a calendar year. Motion must be seconded.

Section 6

If a position is or becomes vacant at any time, the President will appoint a successor within 30 days.


Section 1

The President shall:
  1. Coordinate the work of the Officers and Committees.
  2. Preside at all meetings.
  3. Authorize all payments, verbally or written(email).
  4. Attend all EGYSL Board meetings.
  5. Appoint all Committees.
  6. Be the 2nd authorized signer on all Club banking accounts.
  7. Appoint one additional signer for Club banking accounts (treasurer).
Section 2

The Secretary shall:
  1. Keep an accurate record of all meetings minutes.
  2. Conduct all necessary correspondence.
  3. Maintain a Calendar of all Club and League events.
  4. Be the custodian of all the Club official books (except for matters that the club Treasurer is responsible for, as described in Section 5), records and papers by-laws.
  5. provide meeting minutes to board for review 1 week after meetings are held. (log any change and approvals)
  6. Once minutes are approved by board, provide them as well as any attachment and or report (to include budget) to webmaster to post on web site.
Section 3

The Treasurer shall:
  1. Attend ALL Westlake Board meetings.
  2. Keep an accurate record sufficient to establish items of gross receipts and disbursements.
  3. Receive all monies, give a receipt, make deposits, pay bills, as authorized by the Club President.
  4. Present an actual statement of account expenses (FULL budget report with itemized receipts) at every meeting.
  5. Present options, open and maintain any banking accounts for the Club.
  6. Ensure that all disbursed funds by the Club is authorized by the Club President.
  7. Ensure that all checks disbursed by the Club is signed by two authorized signers. (Treasurer and Club Manager)
  8. Maintain all 3 price quotes for any equipment purchased.
Section 4

The Registrar shall:
  1. Coordinate and maintain the Club registration.
  2. Coordinate with the League Registrar.
  3. Keep a record of all registered players showing names, ages, birth dates, addresses and telephone numbers.
Section 5

The Coaching Coordinator shall:
  1. Recruit and assign all coaches.
  2. Administer coaches clinics.
  3. Assist in the make-up of team seeding.
  4. Liaison with other League Coaching Coordinators.
  5. Set up practice schedule.
  6. Keep log of coaches licenses and background.
  7. If making purchases outside contract vendor, must get 3 price quotes for items wanting to purchase and present at board meeting for approval.
Section 6

The Referee Coordinator shall:
  1. Recruit and assist in training all referees.
  2. Assist League Coordinator in assigning referees.
  3. Track any red/yellow cards given by referees.
  4. Track any complaints toward West Lake referees.
Section 7

The Equipment Manager shall:
  1. Keep an accurate record of all equipment and uniforms.
  2. Distribute and collect all equipment and uniforms from Coaches.
  3. Make the purchase of all equipment and uniforms.
  4. Provide storage for all equipment and uniforms.
  5. Keep a yearly inventory of ALL club equipment.
  6. If making purchases outside contract vendor, must get 3 price quotes for items wanting to purchase and present at board meeting for approval.
Section 8

The Field Manager shall:
  1. Liaison with the City, County, other Club Field Managers and the League Field Coordinator, as necessary to ensure that all Club fields are in good playing condition.
  2. Ensure that all goals at all fields are in good shape prior to start of season.
  3. Ensure that all goal nets and field flags are at club fields scheduled for use.
  4. Have all club fields set-up, marked and lined a minimum of 2 weeks prior to start of soccer season.
Section 9

The Event Coordinator shall:
  1. Coordinate all activities for the Club Annual Jamboree, and/or other Club event.

Section 1

The Board of Directors shall consist of officers of the Club.

Section 2

The Board of Directors shall:
  1. Transact necessary business during monthly meetings (June 20, July 11, Aug 22, Sept 26, Oct 11, Nov 14, AGM to be held in December.
  2. Create Committees as are deemed necessary.
  3. Enforce and interpret the By-Laws.
  4. Suspend, bar completely, or discipline any individual from any team, club, board or League function.
Section 3

Two-thirds of the Board Members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business in any meeting of the Board of Directors.


Section 1

Annual General Meeting will be held each year with additional meetings as determined by the Executive Board.

Section 2
  1. The privilege of making motions, debating and voting at the Annual General Meeting shall be limited to parents of players, and coaches residing or registered with the Club.
  2. The privilege of making motions and voting at a monthly Club Board meeting shall be limited to the Elected West Lake Soccer Club Board.
Section 3

Two-thirds of the Board Members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business in any meeting of the Board of Directors.


Section 1

There shall be such Committees created by the Executive Board as may be required to carry out the work of the Club.

Section 2
  1. The Chairperson of the Committee shall be appointed by the Officers of the Board.
  2. The Chairperson shall present plans of work to the Club board of Directors for approval prior to the commencement of any work.
Section 3

The Chairperson and Committee members shall serve until their assignments have been completed.

Section 4

The following Committee managers, Coordinators and/or Chairpersons will be appointed by the Officers of the Board
  1. Equipment Manager
  2. Coaching Coordinator
  3. Field Manager
  4. Referee Coordinator
  5. Event Coordinator

Section 1 - COACHES

Coaches will have complete control of the activities, conduct and welfare of their team while on the playing field. They will conduct themselves at all times as an adult and in a dignified manner. The Coaches are our representative to the boys and girls, and these boys and girls are the only reason for the Elk Grove Youth Soccer League and West Lake Soccer Club. Their well being, training, and soccer experience must be utmost in all our efforts. Good sportsmanship, fairness, obedience to all rules and a positive attitude at all times must be evident in each of us. It is the Coach's responsibility to follow and support all programs developed and adopted by the Club Board of Directors. Any Coach of a player involved in disciplinary action shall be present at the PAD Meeting. Pending approval for 2013 season Coaches will be responsible to provide a $30 deposit for all equipment issued to them by the Club. Equipment must be returned to the Equipment Manager no later than two (2) weeks after the final game of the season. If the equipment is needed longer than this time, written permission must first be received by the equipment manager. Initial deposit will be returned to the coaches once ALL equipment is returned. Coaches will also be responsible for taking down nets at end of each late game if scheduled.

Section 2 - Protests and Appeals

If the need arises for a protest, all Coaches must conduct themselves in a mannerly fashion and demonstrate good sportsmanship. For any protest to be valid, it must be filed with the Referee in charge by the Coach immediately at the time of the disputed decision and before the ball is put back in play, when possible, and must be produced in writing thereafter, to the President of the Club within 48 hours from the starting time of the game being protested. In the matter of protests and appeal, no individual, player or team shall engage the services of a lawyer or attorney until all avenues of approach of protest and appeals procedure are exhausted through the regular channels of the Elk Grove Youth Soccer League and/or any organized soccer board.

Section 3 - Responsibility

Falsification of records shall be grounds for disbarment from future participation and/or membership in the West Lake Soccer Club. A plea of ignorance to the Constitution, By-Laws and Rules and Regulations of the Elk Grove Soccer League, or this Club, is not sufficient and violators may expect appropriate action by the Board of Directors of the League (EGYSL) and the Board of Directors of the West Lake Soccer Club.

Section 4 - Financial Responsibility

This Club shall not assume, and not be liable for, the debts nor financial responsibility, either implied or incurred, of any of its members. The League shall set annual registration fees. The annual fee shall be payable June 1 for the following League calendar year. The West Lake Soccer Club Board of Directors shall coordinate fund raising activities with the EGYSL Board of Directors.

Section 5 - Liability Protection

All Officers, Coaches and Players of the West Lake Soccer Club are covered against personal liability claims by the California Youth Soccer Association for performing acts and duties directly related to the work of this Club.

Section 6 - Dissolution

Should this Club dissolve, all assets remaining after payment of all debts shall be turned over to the Elk Grove Youth Soccer League Board of Directors for performing acts and duties directly related to the work of developing youth soccer in Elk Grove.

Section 7 - Insurance

All injuries to be claimed against the Medical Insurance shall be complete and on the proper form (obtainable from the Elk Grove Youth Soccer League Insurance Coordinator). All reports of injuries must be submitted to the League Insurance Coordinator within seventy-two (72) hours from the time of the injury. In the event a League Insurance Coordinator is not available, the report of injury shall be submitted to the League President.

Section 8 - Registration Procedures

Players must play only for teams within their Club, Inter-league of Inter-club registration, when necessary, shall be approved only by the Board of Directors. Inter-district registration and Inter-league registration can only be approved by the League Board of Directors and by the District Commissioner. League registration requirements shall be set forth by the League Registrar and approved by the EGYSL Board of Directors. Formal registration for the Fall Season each year shall be completed by June 1. Late registration will be permitted as long as there is space available, and with the approval of the President of the West Lake Soccer Club.

ARTICLE XII - Protest and Appeal

Section 1 - Ejection Procedures

If a player is ejected, then the referee shall submit the player's pass to the PAD Committee Chairperson (if the PAD Committee Chairperson is not available, the League Referee Coordinator) along with the Referee's game report. That player is ineligible until the player's pass is returned to that player. Red Card ejections cannot be protested. The PAD Committee will determine the penalty based on the report filed by the Referee officiating the game and any reports filed on behalf of any concerned party. However, no player will be allowed to appear before the PAD Committee for this purpose unless agreed to by the working quorum present at the proceeding.

Section 2 - Protest and Appeal Procedures
  1. Protest or official complaints of League rule violations during divisional or tournament games must be filed with the Chairperson of the PAD Committee (if the Chairperson of the PAD Committee is not available, the League Referee Coordinator). All protests must comply with Rules b through h.
  2. The Coach of the opposing team must be notified by the protester before leaving the field of play. If a Referee's ruling is being appealed, the Referee must be so notified at the end of the game.
  3. Referee decisions that are purely "judgment calls" shall not be appealed.
  4. A fee of $25 must accompany any protest or appeal to the PAD Committee. This fee will be returned if the protest of appeal is upheld by the PAD Committee or if the negative decision is overturned by a higher authority.
  5. The protest or appeal must be submitted in writing to the PAD Committee or postmarked within seventy-two (72) hours of the incident being protested.
  6. The PAD Committee shall hear or consider every matter submitted at the next scheduled PAD Committee meeting.
  7. The PAD Committee shall schedule weekly meetings during the playing season.
  8. The PAD Committee shall maintain complete records (i.e., Game Report Cards, letters of protest, minutes of hearings and correspondence) of each protest. Results will be reported at each monthly League Board of Directors meeting. All members of the PAD Committee will receive copies of the minutes and result of each hearing and to others upon request. The affected Coach and/or player shall be notified of the results by telephone within twenty-four (24) hours following the decision and will receive written confirmation By mail.
ARTICLE XIII - Disciplinary Action

Section 1

The PAD Committee may place on probation any Referee, Coach or player for violation of any of the rules of CYSA or this League. Notification will be made to the Club Board in writing of any probation of a Referee, Coach or player within the West Lake Soccer Club, prior to said probation.

Section 2

Referees, Coaches and/or players may be suspended from regularly scheduled League games for any of the following violations:

  1. Failing to play all registered players who have attended and participated in practice sessions the week prior to the game, at least one-half (1/2) of the said game, except for PAD or Club disciplinary purposes, illness or injury, provided that the notice if given to the Referee and opposing Coach.
  2. For playing a player who is not registered with EGYSL, West Lake Soccer Club and/or CYSA.
  3. For playing a player who is over the age for the division in which the team Is registered.
  4. For committing, while on probation, the same or similar violation.
  5. For violation of or ignoring any ruling by the PAD Committee, League or Club.
Section 3

The following violations are grounds for forfeiture of the game in which they are committed:

  1. A team delaying the start of the scheduled game more than fifteen (15) minutes without the sanction of the proper authority, shall forfeit the game to the opponent by the score 1-0.
  2. In the event that both teams do not show up for a scheduled game and the referee rules the grounds playable, then both teams shall be assessed a loss.
  3. If a player plays in a game and is not properly registered, his/her team shall automatically forfeit that game and face future disciplinary action by this Club and the League, depending on the nature of the violation. In the case of a forfeiture, the score shall stand 1-0 against the forfeiting team.
  4. All registered players who have attended practice sessions, during the week prior to a game, MUST be allowed to play at least one- half (1/2) of said game. Failure to allow a player to participate will result in disciplinary action by League and/or Club.
Section 4

If a team has lost or tied a scheduled game, that team may not win that game by protest. If a team who has lost or tied a scheduled game is awarded a favorable protest, that game will be rescheduled and replayed.

Section 5

Decisions of the PAD Committee shall be appealable to the Board of Directors of the League within forty-eight (48) hours of the written notification (except holidays and weekends).

Section 6

In the event that three (3) or more yellow cards are issued to an individual during a season, the PAD Committee shall review the case for disciplinary action.

ARTICLE XIV - Game Regulation

Section 1 - Player Passes
  1. All players U9 and older shall present their player passes to the Referee prior to participation in the game. All passes are to be returned to the Coach or Manager of the team at the conclusion of the game, unless a player is ejected. All retained passes are to be forwarded to the PAD Committee Chairperson immediately.
  2. If a player does not present a player pass to the Referee prior to the game, he/she may not participate in that game.
Section 2- Rules of Play

The laws of play shall be the "Laws of the Game" as published by FIFA with those modifications stated herein, and all sanctioned by the League and the Club.
  1. Players wearing an orthopedic cast or splints of any kind shall not be eligible to participate in any game.
  2. Charging the goalkeeper shall not be permitted at any time.
  3. Coaching from the sidelines (giving direction to one's own team) on points of strategy and position is permitted provided:
    1. It is allowed by the Referee.
    2. No mechanical devices are used.
    3. The tone of voice is informative and not harangue.
    4. No Coach, Assistant Coach, Substitute Coach, Substitute Player is to be anywhere but within ten (10) yards (10 feet for under 8 year olds) of the half way line.
    5. No Coach, Assistant Coach, Substitute Coach, Player or Spectator is to make any derogatory remarks or gestures to the Referee, other players, substitutes, Coaches or Spectators.
    6. No member of this Club is to use or incite, in any manner, disruptive behavior.
    7. No member of this Club shall use profanity.
    8. The penalty for any of the above shall be ejection from the game and disciplinary action will be taken by the Board or Directors of the League and this Club.
Section 3 - Responsibility of the Home Team
  1. West Lake Soccer Club teams will wear the designated Club colors, unless they are playing another West Lake Soccer Club team. In that case the designated visiting team will wear alternate color pinnies.
  2. The condition of the grounds, the proper field markings and proper equipment, nets and corner flags are required equipment. It will be the responsibility of both teams to have a game ball.
  3. It is the responsibility of both teams to see that their team and their fans behave in a proper and respectful manner.
  4. Reporting the result of the game to the designated Club/League official within twenty-four (24) hours of completion of the game.
  5. Notifying the opposing team Coach when a scheduled game is cancelled.
  6. Responsible for taking down both nets if scheduled last game of the day.
Section 4 - Referee Responsibility
  1. Required that both teams enter all appropriate information on the Referee Report Card and that the Coach or Manager verify that the information listed is correct.
  2. Inspect the player passes of those players who are to participate in the game and verify their identity and that the League Registrar's stamp is over the picture. The Referee must allow no player into the game who does not have a player pass or whose name does not appear on the Referee's Report Card.
  3. Make sure that each player's equipment is in proper order and that no player is wearing, jewelry, hair style, hair adornments or other items which may cause injury to themselves or others.
Section 5 - General Responsibility
  1. The Referee's judgment with regard to the physical condition of the field and its acceptance for play, to the actual happenings and occurrences related to the conduct of the game and those prerogatives granted to him/her by the "Laws of the Game" as published by the FIFA, shall not be challenged.
  2. The Coaches and Referees must meet immediately prior to each game to be played in order to specify any special "ground rules" mandated by the unusual conditions at the time before the game.
  3. The minimum number of players to register a team with this club is seven(7).
  4. All recreational players in the West Lake Soccer Club must wear numbered Uniform jersey, shorts, uniform socks, shin guards, and cleats.
  5. All Standings and the determination of how standings are kept, will be followed as per the League's direction.
Section 6 - Alcoholic Beverage Prohibition
  1. The use and/or consumption of any alcoholic beverage immediately before, during or immediately after the playing of any youth soccer game of this Club is expressly prohibited and is so stated.
  2. Any player, Team Official, League Official, Club Official, Spectator or any other member of the Club who violates this prohibition shall be subject to disciplinary action and/or suspension by this Club Board or Directors and/or the PAD Committee of this League.
Section 7 - Under 8 Bantam Regulations
  1. A game shall consist of two (2) twenty (20) minute halves with a five (5) minute half-time. Teams may elect to play four (4) ten (10) minute quarters. If so, one (1) minute is allowed between quarters for substitutions only. The Coach may not enter the field during the substitution break.
  2. A maximum of seven (7) players per team may be on the filed at one time. If a Bantam team of more than fourteen (14) players is formed, playing time must be maximized for all players.
  3. The Bantam field of play goal shall be six (6) feet high and six (6) yards wide.
Section 8 - Maintenance of League Equipment
  1. Equipment Managers for the Club are responsible for an accurate inventory of all equipment and storage during the off season.
  2. Equipment Managers shall furnish the League Treasurer with an itemized list of non-returned equipment and the names/equipment deposit check and addresses of individuals to whom it was assigned.
  3. The League Treasurer shall deposit check from individuals holding non-returned equipment after the close of the season and after December 15th.
  4. At registration, any coach/player with an outstanding League liability must correct the liability upon registration. Credits will be given for equipment returned.
Section 9 - Determination of First and Second Half Leaders

  1. First half standings shall be determined by the total number of points accumulated by each team with the leader being the team with the highest number of points. The second half standings shall be determined in the same manner.
  2. Ties for the first place during either the first or second half of the season shall be broken by special playoff games. If more than two teams are tied, playoff opponents shall be drawn by lot in the presence of at least two (2) Board members. Playoff games shall be held the week following the end of each half.
  3. In a playoff game to determine first or second half leaders when the score was tied at the end of regulation play, then two (2) overtime periods will be played (time periods as recommended by CYSA), if at the end of the overtime periods the score is still tied, a shoot out shall determine the winner.
Section 10 - Playoff to Determine Overall Champion

First and Second half winners shall participate in a championship playoff. If at the end of regulation play of a championship playoff the score is tied, one (1) overtime period will be played. If the score is still tied a second overtime period will be played (time periods as recommended by CYSA). If the score is still tied at the end of the overtime periods, the game shall be declared a tie and the teams shall be co-champions.


Section 1

Each member of the Board and Coaches will be given a copy of these By-Laws when accepted to the position. They must signed statement that they have reviewed and will conform to these By-Laws. (Prior to leaving initial coaches meeting).

Section 2

Any article or section of these By-Laws may be amended or repealed, or any new article or section may be added thereto, by the Board of Directors on a majority vote of the members present at any meeting of the Board, so long as a quorum is in attendance. Notice of each such meeting shall be given not less than five (5) days prior to the date on which the meeting is to be held. A copy of each proposed change shall accompany the notice.

Section 3

These By-Laws shall become effective immediately after their adoption. At that time, any and all By-Laws of the West Lake Soccer Club, of the Elk Grove Youth Soccer League theretofore adopted, are hereby repealed.

Section 4

Any and all contracts executed in the name of the West Lake Soccer Club shall be approved by the Board of Directors of the Club.

Dated: March 2012