Article 1 - Name 

1:01 The organization shall be known as the Westlake Soccer Club, hereinafter the Club, an unincorporated territory of the Elk Grove Youth Soccer League (hereinafter EGYSL).

Article 2 - Purpose 

2:01 The purpose of the Club is to promote and administer recreational soccer within the Club’s designated territory as created and authorized by the Elk Grove Youth Soccer League.

2:02 The purpose of this Club is to offer, regardless of race, color, religion, age, sex, national origin and/or ability, soccer programs to youth boys and girls.  The programs shall provide an environment based on development of camaraderie, team effort, skills, and for a love for the game of soccer.   

Article 3 - Territory 

3:01 The Club is a designated territory of EGYSL. Members of the Club shall abide by these bylaws and the bylaws and the policies and procedures established by EGYSL.

3:02 In order to ensure that these and other fiduciary and legal obligations are met and in order to avoid the inefficiency and expense associated with duplication of services, the club is part of the EGYSL corporate legal entity and is not separately incorporated. In order to fulfill its legal and fiduciary responsibilities, the EGYSL Board shall maintain authority over policy areas that will be administered centrally and applied uniformly throughout the Club territory to ensure that the organization is protected against potential and unforeseen liabilities.


Article 4 – Boundaries & Membership 

4:01 The territory of this Club is designated by EGYSL.  

4:02 Annual fees for players are due and payable as established by EGYSL. Teams within the territory are not considered registered until all of that team’s player fees are paid.  

Article 5 – Rules of Play & Discipline 

5:01 The Club shall be responsible for governing those persons and their actions associated with their operations. Teams shall abide by the playing league rules established by EGYSL, under which they are registered and in which they are playing. 

5:02 A plea of ignorance to the bylaws and the policy and procedures of EGYSL is not sufficient, and violators may expect appropriate action by EGYSL.   

5:03 Any person found guilty of violating the bylaws and the policy and procedures of EGYSL may be asked to appear before a Protest, Appeals, and Disciplinary (PAD) Committee established by EGYSL in order to explain his/her actions.  

Article 6 - Authorities 

6:01 This Club shall be governed by these bylaws and the bylaws and policies and procedures of EGYSL. 

6:02 The governing board of the Club, hereinafter referred to as the “Advisory Board” shall oversee the operations of the Club as designated by EGYSL.

Article 7 - Changes 

7:01 These Bylaws shall be adopted and amended from time to time by the EGYSL Board of Directors and shall not be amended without the express authorization of the Elk Grove Youth Soccer League.

Article 8 – Rules of Order 

8:01 The rules contained in Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern this Club and any meetings held by the Club.

Article 9 – Advisory Board  

9:01 A Club Manager shall be nominated by the EGYSL Nominating Committee, consistent with  Section 1:08:06 of the EGYSL Bylaws and shall thereafter be elected at an annual meeting of the members of the territory to be held in the last quarter each year as designated in Section 1:06:06 of the EGYSL Bylaws.  The annual meeting may be held in conjunction with EGYSL’s annual meeting.  The Club Manager shall serve for two (2) years.  The EGYSL Treasurer shall serve as the Treasurer for the Club.  No later than February 15 of each year, the Manager shall solicit interest in positions for Club coordinators, who shall serve at the behest of the Manager.  Standing Club Coordinators are the Coaching Coordinator, Field Coordinator, and the Referee Coordinator.  

9:02 Club Manager.  The Manager shall conduct meetings of the Advisory Board.  The Manager shall attend all EGYSL Board meetings, serving as a voting member of the EGYSL Board of Directors. 

9:03 Coaching Coordinator. The Coaching Coordinator as directed by the EGYSL Technical Director or Directors of Coaching as assigned shall be responsible for communicating training and licensing opportunities available through EGYSL for all Club coaches.  The Coaching Coordinator shall maintain data on registered coaches’ performances and shall serve as a mentor and coordinator to all Club coaches as directed by the EGYSL Technical Director.  The Coaching Coordinator shall ensure that all coaches have been fingerprinted and that they have completed all required registration paperwork. The Club Coaching Coordinator shall have an F Coaching License.

9:04 Field Coordinator. Working with the EGYSL Field Director, the Club Field Coordinator shall oversee all fields within the Club’s boundaries.  The Field Coordinator shall maintain a complete inventory of all fields, including location, field dimensions, goal type and dimensions, restroom and parking availability, and the provider.  The Field Director shall be responsible for distributing all appropriate field equipment and ensuring proper maintenance of that equipment. The Field Coordinator shall ensure that all fields are adequately marked and prepared for games days.

9:06 Referee Coordinator.  The EGYSL Referee Director shall appoint a referee coordinator who shall work with the EGYSL Referee Director to assign referees each week for recreation games.   

Article 10 – Meetings  

10:01 The Advisory Board can determine the frequency of meetings in order to achieve the Club’s objectives. Regular meetings will not be more than monthly and not less than quarterly.

Article 11 – Financial & Seasonal Year 

11:01 The financial year shall be the same as the calendar year.  The seasonal year shall be from September 1 through August 31 with the insurance coverage for the same period of time.

Article 12 – Budget 

12:01 The Advisory Board shall work with the EGYSL Chief Executive Officer and Treasurer, to prepare a budget for annual Club events.  


January 2015